There’s nothing quite like having your very own country home but don’t be mistaken, you don’t need to own a large farmhouse on several acres to achieve the look and feel you desire. With the perfect pieces of farmhouse accent pieces, you can achieve the interior and atmosphere that looks like something straight out of Nashville’s best.

The 6 Must-Haves for a Country Home:

  1. Wedding Picture Clock
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Walk into any old country home and what’s the first thing you see? A statement clock with a custom picture emphasizing the things that make the house a home – the people. And sure, your home is likely filled with all kinds of digital clocks since they’re on everything from cell phones to televisions, microwaves, watches and much more. However, that doesn’t mean that a real clock isn’t needed. So, pick your favorite wedding photo and get a custom wedding picture clock for timeless romance and memories. Oh, and of course, time-telling.

  1. Farmhouse Photo
farmhouse decor, farmhouse art, farmhouse photo

What better way to transform your house into a country home than with a farmhouse photo? This beautiful America Heart Red Barn artwork showcases the beauty of living on the back roads of this incredible country. Designed with cedar and printed in our very own American shop, nothing says “down home” better.

  1. Coffee Message Center
cafe decor, cafe interior, country message board

The best Nashville décor will always be modern farmhouse décor that offers vast versatility – and that’s exactly what our Coffee Message Center country accent piece provides. Place this farmhouse décor piece in your kitchen and enjoy a warm cup of coffee each morning before writing your family a sweet little message. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your keys off of the hooks before you head out the door. This beautiful farmhouse accent piece is a one-stop shop for starting your day and for creating the interior you dream of.

  1. Nashville Coasters
nashville decor, nashville coasters

As you take a seat by your coffee message center each morning, you’ll want to have a place for your steaming hot cup of Joe and these Nashville City Porcelain Coasters are it. With the Nashville skyline printed inside of the all-American blue heart separated onto two coasters, these farmhouse coasters bring your loved ones together to enjoy a delicious drink.  

  1. Custom Bamboo Recipe Box
wood recipe box, custom wood box,

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home and that couldn’t be any more true in the heart of Nashville. So, gather your loved ones around the table and pull out one of your best-kept secret recipes out of our Customized Bamboo Recipe Box. When not in use, it serves as the perfect piece of farmhouse décor that empathizes and decorates the very things that have turn your house into your country home.

  1. Tennessee Welcome Home Sign
home sweet home sign, Tennessee sign,

“Home sweet home to me!” is right. Our unique Tennessee State Wood Art Sign is the ultimate piece of farmhouse décor that will welcome you home each and every time you walk through those country home doors. There are several different styles to choose from to ensure you find the perfect welcome home sign for your Tennessee home – from a whitewash “home sweet home” to a beige “there’s no place like home”; from a Nashville heart and many more.

It’s time to sharpen up on your farmhouse decorating skills and head on over to Down Home Products because these farmhouse décor must haves will completely transform your farmhouse into your country home.