7 Great Photo Collage Ideas for Parents

Photos of one of the most powerful mediums to relive some of the best moments of your life. Since the day photography has been invented it has become a permanent part of everyone’s life. And as technology has improved and more people have been able to have access to a camera, more people have started documenting and capturing the precious moments of their life. Hence, many people have huge collections of their recorded memories, either as negatives, or as albums or digital files.

A photograph can make decade-old memories brand new just like that. It takes you on a journey down the memory lane which you can cherish anytime you want. Now, we are pretty sure that you too have a collection of yours with you. Have you ever imagined that these collections can be turned into something much more special and fascinating to look at, to put on your wall? Well, making a collage is one of the best ways to bring all your cherishable memories into a single frame.

Not just that, you can also put some in some thought and time to make it unique. You can bring all the photos of a certain time period into a single frame or you can bring all your memories of your marriage onto a single board. Or you can put the photos of your adult kids from the time they were born till now, all through their high-school and college.

There are a ton of ideas using which you can create heartwarming collages. Here we will be going through some of the best collage ideas for you as a parent.

The 7 Best Photo Collage ideas

1 – Heart-shaped Collage

This is a lovely way to place the photos you want to create a collage with. Just take all the pictures you love and then create a heart shape using those pictures.

You can either create an outline of a heart using these pictures or you can create an entire solid heart with the photos of your kids or parents or loved ones. This is a great way to decorate your wall and cherish the old memories at the same time.

2 – Moon-shaped Collage

You can give the saying “I love you to the moon and back” a physical form using a collage. Take all of your favourite pictures and arrange them in the shape of a Crescent moon.

Now, this shape is important as it will be more apparent that you made a moon out of those pictures as opposed to if you did a full circle (which may or may not be interpreted as the moon).

3 – Monogram Photo Collage

This idea has endless possibilities. You can use the initials of the person you are planning to give the collage to. Then, you can put all the pictures in the shape of those initials.

You can get more creative by blending those initials into a new design and then putting all the pictures in that new shape. This will give the receiver a sense of the hard work that has gone into making the collage.

4 – Travel Collage

If you are making a collage for somebody who is really into travelling then this is the best idea to go forward with. First take a map that contains all the places the person has ever been to. Then put the photos of the person shot in various places in the corresponding place on the map.

For example, if they went to Florida a few years back and took a picture while relaxing on the beach then put that photo on the map near Florida. This way you can put their entire travel history on a single frame. You can even pin tickets and location indicators etc. to enhance the college as a whole.

5 – Timeline Collage

This idea can be used if you have photos of your kids since the time they were born up until now. Then you can make a collage using various photos of your kid at different stages of their life, from a kid to a teenager to their college graduation and more.

This Collage will fill their hearts with joy, nostalgia, and happiness. Because teenage memories are some of the best memories for many people, giving them a ride through those days is an amazing endeavor.

6 – Clothespin Collage

This is a very creative way of making a collage for your kids. All you need to do is put some strings on the wall, tied on both ends but a little bit loose in the middle. Then, hang all the photos you want to display using clothespins.

You can do the same thing without the string on a board to give it a completely different look. To make it creative you don’t need to put the photos in an organized fashion. Make them look a little bit messy.

7 – Bulletin Board Collage

You can put all your favorite photos on the bulletin board using pins. In this idea, you can leave a few gaps on the board to write some messages for your loved one.

In general bulletin boards are used by people to track their day or week. So, if you are putting this collage on the bulletin board you give them a memory ride while they are planning their day ahead.

These are some of the best photo collage ideas that can help you make some of the best memory boards for your loved ones or for yourself. Apart from these ideas, there are many other similar ideas out there. You can even come up with your own ideas for creating a collage!

Getting Your Photo Collage Ideas Printed

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