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We Make Artisan Craft Goods

Down Home Products is your artisan printer for craft home goods! We specialize in small-batch home decor made in America. We print art on functional goods for your home from our home in Nashville, Tennessee. We want your home to feel special, so we make our high-quality home products with love and care!

Historic Franklin, TN Coaster Set


We use sustainably sourced wood from Tennessee. Our products don’t come from China and aren’t shipped across the globe.

Small Batch

We can make print runs of One – that’s why we can print your custom orders as well as print hundreds of copies of the Nashville skyline.

Local – Nashville, USA

We’re from Nashville and we LOVE this town! We create all of our products in our home printer or in a small warehouse in Franklin, Tennessee. 

The Down Home Products store is the realization of our dreams, passion, work and care.
– Richard & Nancy Biggs

Founders of Down Home Products


These products aren’t just goods for your home – they’re about a way of life. Simple, Grounded, Rustic… American. Through and through.

American Roots

Founded by a couple in Nashville, TN, we know what it means to have American roots. We want our products to help you feel proud of your roots.

Personal Touch

We personally touch each product that gets made. Not robots. Not a giant factory. Our team handles your products with care!

Customized Care

We want to help you celebrate the best moments! That’s why we offer customized products and personalized attention to our customers.

Wall Decor

Old is the New New

The revival of farmhouse decor is sweeping the nation. We’re very pleased and excited by this trend! We love the sense of community, the pride in one’s home, and the return to the practical & functional.

One of a Kind

We don’t mass produce anything. Each item has to be made with touch. Nancy places your items on the printer and removes the finished product herself.

We believe in artists, Nashville, and our customers! We’re very excited to deliver useful products with personality to our customers. We want everyone’s home to be special!

State Flags Wall Art
Great American Flag Wall Art

American-Made Products

We’re a fast-growing company, proudly based in NASHVILLE, that’s passionate about our customers, our business, and the products we sell!

There are real people behind every item we offer, every package we ship, and every interaction we have with you, because we believe in quality products not made in China or by automation.

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We have a wide array of products for your farmhouse decor needs!

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