Lefty 12 inch Steel Ruler


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Lefties Rule Left Handed Ruler made from 1/16″ stainless steel.
Tired of reading rulers upside down? Designed with South Paws in mind, these handy and easy to use rulers make measuring less frustrating and more efficient.

What makes these rulers so great?
     – Numbers start on right and increase going to the left. (opposite of standard right handed rulers)
     – Increments of 1/16″
     – Printed on stainless steel – these rulers are accurate and have a bit of weight.
     – metal straight edge stands up to rotary cutters and exacto knives – perfect for crafting, sewing, quilting

Dimensions – 12″ x 1.25″ 

NOTE: if you are a lefty and need a metal ruler with metric measurements or a printer/designer and would like picas on it in addition to inches – they are available. Just send us a message to discuss specific requirements.


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