The Purpose of Coasters – What are Coasters Used for?

Coasters are one of the most important items you can find on a table.

Although it is underused, it still has many uses that help in protecting the furniture. Some of the coasters are even made using recycled paper and that’s why they are pretty good at absorbing condensed water on the outer side of a glass or bottle.

Apart from that, a coaster has many other uses that can make your life a little bit easier.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to use a coaster:

1 – Coasters serve as a place to put the glass down

Ok, let’s start the list with the most obvious use of a coaster. Yes, it’s the most obvious but the least followed etiquette by far.

You must have experienced this at some point in your life when your friend puts down his glass right on the table even if there’s a coaster right beside the glass. It also prevents your table surface from getting dented when people keep their drinks on the table with force.

2 – They can be gifted

Imagine you have thrown a party for all your friends and colleagues and after the party is over you don’t want them to go back to the houses empty-handed. You want to give away memorabilia for the event you have hosted. But on the other hand, you don’t want to give them any of the traditional gifts which have become boring or cliche at this point.

In that case, you can be giving away amazing coasters to your guests. These small gifts will not only bring back memories about you but can also be a nice conversation starter for many years to come.

3 – It can prevent liquids from staining your furniture

One of the most important jobs of a coaster is to prevent liquids from staining the furniture. Imagine you have a beautiful antique coffee table. Do you want it to get ruined because your husband forgot to use the coaster before placing his coffee mug? Absolutely no.

That’s where a coaster comes into the picture. Some vintage pieces are very sensitive to water and hence get damaged pretty easily. You need to be extra careful while drinking any kind of liquid around such furniture.

Also, the coaster you are using must not be porous, else it will defeat the purpose of using a coaster in the first place.

4 – They can be placed on top of beverages like beer, coffee, or tea 

Another way of using a coaster is to place it on beverages like coffee, tea, etc. Doing this can serve multiple purposes.

It can indicate that the drink is not finished. It also helps in preventing any contamination (usually by bugs or insects) from entering the bottle or cup.

5 – Coasters can be collected

Stamps are not the only thing that can be collected. If you are into collecting souvenirs then this is a great collection idea for you. Coasters come in myriad shapes and designs. Also, the material used in making them varies greatly. This wide variety of texture and shape make it ideal for collection. It will surely be an enjoyable endeavor on your part to collect them and put them on display.

But to be honest, this is not a new idea. Collecting coasters has been a part of our civilization for centuries. A person who collects this even has a designation, which is generally used for the collection of beer brand coasters. Such a person is referred to as a Tegestologist.

6 – Coasters can be used to promote your brand

One ingenious use of these inexpensive things is as a means of brand promotion. It might sound a bit far fetched to use a coaster as a medium to promote your brand but these small things can have a great impact on your business as a whole. And this is not a theory. Many small businesses have been using these tactics for years now as they know the importance of marketing and its influence on both customers and the business itself.

We know that many people use coasters on a regular basis and if they are constantly exposed to your product or your brand name then subconsciously, they will be reminded of your brand every now and then. And this constant exposure can turn a potential customer into a regular one.

What We Do

At Higher Plane Impressions Inc. (the parent company of Down Home Products), we specialize in printing your photos on unconventional surfaces, to say the least.

Coasters are one of our biggest product lines. We use our advanced printing technology to create amazing coasters that you can gift to your loved ones.

You might be wondering why a printing company makes coasters as one of their mainstream products. Well, we are not just any printing studio. We specialize in printing high-quality photos on wooden and metal surfaces.

A coaster is one of the cutest things you can give to someone. Through our advanced printing process, we can print a photo of your loved ones on a coaster, which you can then gift them. This can create memorable moments.

Why you should buy a custom coaster

Printing photos of people special to you on a hard surface like a coaster instantly makes it tangible. We as humans have interacted with our loved ones through touch since the beginning of time. It triggers memories and invokes strong emotions.

That’s the feeling we would love our customers to experience. And hence, we take our jobs very seriously. 

Printed photos of you or your kid on a coaster gives it a vintage touch if you are going for the wooden surfaces and an elegant look if you’re going with the metal surfaces. Either way, it adds sophistication to your lifestyle.

So, if you’re considering getting custom-made coasters for your loved ones, we would love to provide that service to you as we know that our product can bring a smile to many faces! And to get a bit repetitive, we would love to help deliver that smile.