From the organic and farm-fresh vibes to the cosiness of the country, modern farmhouse décor is all the rage. However, with so many different spins, it can be difficult to understand what farmhouse décor is. After all, some farmhouse interiors are more rustic than others; some are more contemporary; others are vintage with industrial elements and some look like a ranch that you would only see on episodes of The Bachelorette. So, we’ve taken the country back roads to discover what farmhouse décor really is.

What Does Farmhouse Décor Really Mean?

Before you start knocking down walls and hanging up saddles in your front foyer, you must first understand what farmhouse décor really means. Put simply, modern farmhouse décor is a balance of all great thinks. They are country accent pieces that are rooted in Southern charm, weathered with history and polished with warm minimalism. Many incorporate natural materials, such as wood and cotton, and some have industrial elements added onto them for a Scandinavian-inspired appeal.

Why Is Modern Farmhouse Décor So Popular?

Now that you have the inside scoop on what modern farmhouse décor really is, you may be wondering if this is an interior design trend worth saddling up for – and it certainly is. There are many reasons why homeowners benefit from adding farmhouse accent pieces and country inspired décor into there home. We would be here all day if we mentioned all of the advantages, so let’s stick with our favorites:


One of the greatest advantages of incorporating country accent pieces into your home is that you can harness the benefits of natural, organic materials. Many farmhouse interiors utilize natural materials that haven’t been soaked with pesticides and toxins. So, not only do you get a cozy interior but you also get a healthy home when you add country accent pieces made from organic materials into your


While you can certainly find modern farmhouse décor at your nearest department store, real farmhouse décor will always come from a smaller business. Let’s put it this way, having a New York factory mass-producing Nashville décor really takes the ambiance and purity out of this interior design trend.

When you purchase authentic farmhouse accent pieces from your home from a small business, you know someone’s heart and soul went into each piece. As you add it into your interior, you can feel good about your purchase knowing exactly where it came from.


For all the Nashville residents out there, you love the city but you also love to escape it. Unfortunately, slipping away every weekend is rarely a plausible option. However, with modern farmhouse décor, your home can feel like you’re far out in the country somewhere. With the right country accent pieces, your interior can take you out on the back roads to a quaint cabin hidden in the Appalachian mountains – or wherever else you dream of going to when the buzz of Nashville becomes too much.


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When your great-great-great grandmother started to pass down her family heirlooms, she didn’t expect them to end up dusty in an attic somewhere, but it happens. Interior design trends have changed and unfortunately, not all family heirlooms and vintage pieces fit the aesthetics of every home. Instead of adding to the interior, many antiques can date it, which is quite contradictory when trying to decorate your home to enhance the appearance.

However, if you’re going for a farmhouse décor look, it’s time to start polishing those pieces up because it’s perfect for displaying all types of antiques and passed-down prized possessions. Your grandparent’s collection of porcelain dolls and decorated plates will pair perfectly with modern décor to create the ultimate collaboration of eras.

You don’t have to rummage through dirty old attics to pull off a country home interior. Down Home Products has all the Nashville décor, modern farmhouse décor and country accent pieces you need to complete your home.